The Aftermath

Varg and Snorre drove back to Bergen. They removed their clothes, tied them to rocks and threw them to the bottom of a river. They had spare clothes in Varg’s car which they changed into (ironically, Varg was wearing a Kreator shirt, with text “Pleasure To Kill”).

When they got home, Euronymous’ body was found, and the police knew it was Varg. They discovered that Snorre was the weak link and interviewed him. They asked him the same question over and over. He was so upset that it took them several hours before they got any information from him. He eventually broke down and confessed everything to the police. On Friday the 19th of August, Varg Vikernes was arrested.

The trial began on the 2nd of May, 1994.
During the court case, Snorre Ruch was sentenced to 8 years of prison, because he changed the story to get him off the hook. He claimed that they had planned it all in advance, which ended up putting him in jail for absolutely nothing.

Varg Vikernes was sentenced to 21 years on jail, which is the maximum sentence in Norway. Varg was found guilty of the murder of Øystein Aarseth and the arson of four churches.

At the moment of his verdict, rather than being upset or angry, Varg smiled. This image was printed all over the internet and media. The dark-humoured nature of it was surprising to people. Usually when someone is sentenced to imprisonment  they are remorseful or angry, whilst Varg seemed amused by it all.

Varg Vikernes recorded 2 Burzum albums in jail. He wasn’t allowed access to a guitar, bass or drumkit, but used synthesizers instead.

On the 24th of May, 2009, Varg Vikernes was released from jail on probation.

The Murder

On August 10th, 1993, Vark Vikernes received a letter from Euronymous asking to meet up to sign a contract he hasn’t signed yet. Varg found this dodgy, as he has heard that Euronymous wanted to kill him by stunning him, taking him to a secluded area and torturing him to death whilst videotaping the whole thing. He has a feeling Euronymous was going to invite him over so he can murder him.

Varg told Snorre “Blackthorns” Ruch (A member of Mayhem), about how Euronymous asked him over. Varg decided on that day he was “Going to drive to Oslo, hand him the contract and tell him to f*** off, and by doing so taking away all the excuses he had to contact me ever again”. Snorre decided to come along because he had new guitar riffs to show Euronymous (Snorre was happy to be friends with both Varg and Euronymous).

Varg and Snorre left Bergen at 9pm and arrived at Oslo at about 4am. Snorre stayed outside to have a cigarette, whilist Varg went to the door to see Euronymous. Varg stated that Euronymous looked very nervous when he answered the door.

Euronymous instantly attacked Varg by kicking him in the chest. Euronymous ran for the kitchen, which Varg knew he had a knife there. Varg had a knife in his pocket (because he knew Euronymous would try to kill him), so he pulled it out, but also ran for the knife in the kitchen. He got to it before Euronymous. Euronymous then turned and ran for the bedroom which Varg thought he had a weapon in there (as he has talked about keeping the gun Dead used to shoot himself with). Varg stabbed Euronymous, and instead of Euronymous fighting, he turned and ran, which made Varg very angry, as he despised “cowards”.

Snorre was still outside and had just finished his smoke. Varg states that Snorre was an “absent-minded fellow” and he got lost, as all the doors in Euronymous’ apartment complex looked the same. He ended up seeing Euronymous burst out the door in his underwear and bleeding and screaming like a madman, and tried to ring his neighbour’s doorbell. Snorre was so shocked, he had a black out and could not remember any of it until Varg asked him if he was okay later on.

Unarmed, Euronymous kept running down the corridoor screaming for help with Varg chasing after him with a knife. While running, he stabbed him 4 times in the shoulders. Euronymous fell onto a lamp which broke and he fell onto all the broken fragments. While he was down, Snorre ran straight past him and Varg asked if he was okay. Euronymous then got up and surrendered, exclaiming “It’s enough, It’s enough”. Varg was not willing to hurt him anymore, until Euronymous kicked him again. Varg then thrusted the knife through his skull and Euronymous died instantaneously. Varg described what followed, saying that “The eyes turned around in his head and a moan could be heard as he emptied his lungs when he died. He fell down to a sitting position, but the knife was stuck in his head, so I held him up, as I held onto the knife. When I jerked the knife from his skull he fell forward, and rolled down a flight of stairs like a sack of potatoes – making enough noise to wake up the whole neighbourhood.”

Varg showed no remorse for his murder. On his blog, he gives this statement about Euronymous: “He had showed his intention to kill me, and even though he was no longer a direct threat to me, there and then, I did not feel any bad for killing him. His cowardice had made me angry and I saw no reason to let him live, not when he had showed his intent to kill me. Had I let him live I would only let him have another attempt at my life, later on.”



About Kristian “Varg” Vikernes

Varg Vikernes is described as the most notorious metal musician of all time. He played guitar for Death Metal band Old Funeral in 1990. He then left to create his own solo Black Metal band Burzum in which he plays guitars, bass, drums, keyboards and vocals. Burzum is what made him well known around the Black Metal scene. In 1993, he joined Mayhem, which he played bass for.

As a child, Varg and his family lives in Iraq for a year because his father was working for Saddam Hussein developing a computer program. Varg attended a school in Iraq where he started to become somewhat proud of being white. He got into conflicts with teachers, saying things to them which would get most kids slapped, but the teachers did not slap him because he was white. His dad came home one day to discover a Swastika flag in his room.

Nazism and Anti-religious beliefs have driven a lot of Varg’s actions. He has been convicted of burning three churches to the ground and suspected of a fourth. Vikerenes has claimed that it was revenge on the Christians for descrated his country’s Viking’s graves and burial mounds.
A picture of the Fantoft Stave church which is burnt to ruins is the cover for the Burzum 1992 EP.

In Mayhem, Varg started to become hateful to his bandmate Euronymous, and was angry and defensive when he discovered Euronymous was plotting against his life.


About Øystein “Euronymous” Aarseth

Euronymous, born as Øystein Aarseth, was a well known musician in Norway’s Black Metal scene. He was the co-founder and guitar player of the Black Metal band, Mayhem. He was the founder and owner of a record label, Deathlike Silence Productions and record shop Helvete. Some say Euronymous was the central figure of the early Black Metal scene. He was the one who defined it, stating any Metal music that is Satanic is Black Metal.

Euronymous was born on March 22, 1968 in Egersund, Norway.
He formed Mayhem in 1984, along with bassist Jørn “Necrobutcher” Stubberud.

In 1991, Euronymous took Varg Vikernes, who was currently doing a solo project – Burzum, under his wing, and had him play bass for Mayhem. Later this would become a decision that would cost him his life. Euronymous and Varg got along well at first. There was a contrast between them, and the tension between them grew more and more each day.

Some say Euronymous was not a very likable man. He even stated himself that he is against individualism, compassion, peace, happiness and fun and he aims to spread hatred, sorrow and evil and states there is “NOTHING which is too sick, evil or perverted.”
Euronymous was always going out of his way to be as extreme and offensive as possible because he is a Theistic Satanist. When vocalist Dead killed himself, Euronymous took a photo of the blood ridden corpse, and in an attempt to be as extreme as he talked about, ate his brains and made necklaces out his skull.
Euronymous then called Necrobutcher and said to him “Dead has done something really cool! He killed himself!” And then said he had photos of it. Necrobutcher was disgusted. He requested for him to destroy the pictures and angrily told him to not exploit his death. This ended a lot of friendships for Euronymous. His friends were disgusted by his behavior about Dead’s suicide and wanted nothing to do with him.
Euronymous has also made a lot of later Mayhem band members leave the band after receiving death threats from him.

What made Varg Vikernes begin to despise Euronymous, was when his band Burzum released the debut album on Deathlike Silence Records (Euronymous’ label), Euronymous could not afford to print them all off himself, so he loaned the money off Varg. When all the albums were all sold, he used the money to pay for his own bills, rather than paying him back the money that Varg has earned selling his records.

In an attempt to give Metal music some attention, and therefore, give his shop Helvete some business, he arranged an anonymous interview with Varg for a newspaper. Varg exaggerated a lot and the next day got arrested because of it. Instead of Euronymous taking advantage of the situation, he listened to his parents who told him to close the shop because they did not like the negative attention. A large amount of people drove all the way to Helvete only to find a closed shop. This angered Varg.

People in the Black Metal community discovered that Euronymous was not as extreme as he made himself out to be. Euronymous blamed Varg and began to plot against his life.




Black Metal is well known for being the most satanic sub-genre of music out there. Øystein “Euronymous” Aarseth states: “Black Metal can be ordinary Heavy Metal or just noise. Just as long as it’s Satanic, it can be considered Black Metal.”
Members of black metal bands will wear “Corpsepaint” and the music itself is usually underproduced with extremely fast tempos with blast beat drumming, heavily distorted guitars with tremolo picking and shreiked vocals. The lyrical themes most commonly deal with topics of death, destruction and Satan.

There is one Black Metal band from Norway called Mayhem. They are one of the pioneers of the Norweigian Black Metal scene and are one of the most notorious Black Metal bands, originally because of their violent stage acts with vocalist Per “Dead” Ohlin (In Mayhem from 1988 until his death in 1991) would cut himself up with broken glass and hunting knives and would have pigs and sheeps heads impaled on stakes on the front of the stage. The band then really lived up to their name with the events that would follow. On the 8th of April, 1991, Mayhem’s vocalist Dead committed suicide in the band’s house. He was found by Guitarist Euronymous with slit wrists, throat and his brain was blown to pieces by a shotgun. His suicide note read: “Please excuse all the blood, Cheers.”. Euronymous took a photo on a disposable camera of Dead with his brains splattered all over the floor. The actual photo can be found on the internet. The image was later used as the cover of Mayhem’s bootleg album Dawn Of The Black Hearts. Euronymous, who wanted to be as extreme as he made himself out to be, was believed to have made a stew out of Dead’s brains and made necklaces out of fragments of his skull who he gave to musicians he deemed as worthy.
That isn’t all.
On August 10th, 1993, one of the most notorious and talked about event in Metal history took place.
Varg Vikernes brutally murdered Øystein “Euronymous” Aarseth.

This was a bit of an introduction to the background of Mayhem, just so you can all get an idea on just how insane these guys are. The next posts will tell you a bit about the murderer, the victim and the lead up to the event.